Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New beginnings...

Hi there, I'm new to all this blogging lark but since becoming a new mum, life's completely changed and I don't know many girls/woman in my situation even though I know your out there somewhere. So I decided to blog about my trials & tribulations & my journey through my new life as a young modern mum & how I've had to route out celeb fashion but on a Primarni budget. I just hope I can reach out to a few girls going through the same motions as me. I am going to be giving my advice on motherhood, I'll be updating on my son's progress & how I am getting on in each of his milestones. I am also starting to get back into shape so I will be updating on how that is all going. I'll start with a bit of back ground on me before I fell pregnant, how it all happened & how its going so far.

I am Gina, a 26 year old mother to 4 month old Eddie. I live with my boyfriend & Eddie's father, Steven whom is 24. I have an amazing family & a mum whom I argue with on a daily basis but love her just the same, a close knit group of girlfriends who have been my rocks all my life. However, being 2012 & only 26 years old, most of them are career focused, worked their way up in the same company or gone to uni and got degrees & are no where near trying for babies. Me, I have no career under my belt, no savings due to spending all my cash on fine dining (pizza express), trying to keep up with celebrity fashion & went out boozing most weekends. I also went through boys like chocolate, so I had no interests in having babies. I was never maternal & use to be scared of children, the way they looked at me...use to freak me out. I never really found a job I loved so much to stay so I always got the "6 month itch" handed in my notice (if they were lucky), sometimes I just never went back. This has been a constant flow since I was 18.

Then I met Steve...love at first sight comes to mind because it was like cupid shot an arrow through me that day. I just remember thinking he is the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my life and I'm going to marry him. The honey moon period went on for a longggg time & it was amazing to say the least but 8 months down the line my periods stopped & so I took the dreaded home pregnancy test, well 5. There it was clear as day...a big FAT blue cross basically saying "that's it life's over, enjoy getting fat for the next 9 months and then staying fat". Eddie came along, reality hit & now were just like every other couple...we argue, we squabble, we get lazy, no make up days grow to no make up months & that sexy couple we once were kinda took a back seat & now were just Eddie's mum & dad...not Gina and Steve any more. Steve though has been my biggest rock & he has taken to fatherhood like a friggin duck to water.

But I can honestly say I have never been more happy & I know it's the same for Steve. So there you have it...lil bit of history on moi but this blog is of course about my darling Eddie and my views on coping or more to the point trying to cope with being a brand new shiny mum to a 4 month old baby. Hope you enjoy xxx

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