Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1st month as a new mum & godsend products

After giving birth to a 7lbs 1 baby Eddie, I felt elated...a massive relief that I was no longer pregnant. Being emotional was an understatement...I cried for hours & just lay in bed most of the time. Of course hormones & emotions were all over the place & more to the point my milk came in by the 3rd day. You read in books & magazines that this would happen & yeah it did...big time! Boob job springs to mind because they were massive & solid, up to my chin & that was without a bra. I chose to breastfeed, after having a lovely pregnancy & a natural water birth...breast feeding felt the right road to go down. How wrong was I! Painfullll, when your boobs are swollen and your nipples triple in size, you don't want a hungry new born knawing away at them. I made full use of the breast feeding support team & clinics. They do home calls until your baby is 6 weeks old.
I really struggled breast feeding Eddie, he was never off my boobs...he seemed always hungry & I couldn't get him to latch on properly without help. This caused my nipples to get so sore, like burning. After many pain staking attempts to get him to latch on, it eventually got bearable & didn't seem to hurt any more. This I know was due to him being positioned properly. Once we got into the rhythm of breastfeeding it became a breeze & I felt like we really bonded. I really loved watching him putting on weight which was down to my breast milk. Knowing I was doing that made me feel warm & fuzzy inside & that wasn't the forest situation I had going on down there...
But because I was breast feeding, obviously I was doing the feeds all by myself & this, sad to admit got my back up, I then started to dread feeds & once Steve's 2 weeks paternity leave ended & he went back to work...I then dreaded the night feeds. For a while Steve would wake up with me for night time feeds & just sit there keeping me company & most importantly trying to keep me awake. That on top of being all sore, bruised & achy down there. Peeing was very painful & going for a number 2 scared the crap (scuse the pun) out of me. This got easier over time & I found pouring cold water over my bits whilst I pee'd eased the stinging sensation.

Items that I couldn't live with out in the first month were -

  • Lasinoh nipple cream link  - really helped soothe them & no need to wipe off when breast feeding, unlike other brands
  • Muslin cloths link - these are a godsend & an old school thing, kept one in every room, used it to wipe Eddie's mouth, my leaky boobs, used as a bib so I would just slip a mussy (as id call them) under his chin, as a burping cloth, when bringing up his wind i'd just throw the cloth over my shoulder so he wouldn't get sick or milk on my clothes (although most of the time that can't be helped) 
  • Johnson's baby nursing (nipple) pads link - Trust me you need these, milk stained tops whilst shopping & eating out is not the one & after trying out three different brands, I found the Johnson's ones kept me most dry & fresh out of all them. The others just seemed to fill up way to quick & get really soggy, sweaty...ewww & smell not particularly nice. Plus they cupped my boobs nicely & didn't get all misshapen. 

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