Wednesday, March 27, 2013

iBaby Monitor Review

When it comes to baby monitors technology has come a long way since the old walkie talkie types. Whilst I was pregnant I felt since we were in a small flat we didn't really need a baby monitor as Eddie whom is 7 months now was meant to be in our room until he was 6 months old. How ever, Steve & I made a joint decision to put him in his big cot, in his own bedroom when he was just 8 weeks old. A lot of people  may have their opinions on whether that was right or wrong! but I will discuss Eddies sleeping habits in another post on this blog.
As Eddie was put in his own room, we did need a monitor as I was always wanting to check on him even if all he is doing is sleeping. Steve loves his gadgets! so of course it was him that convinced me to get the iBaby. I was happy with just the walkie talkie!
The main reason he wanted this though was because he could look in on Eddie not whilst he was in the living room...but whilst he was at work. He could even pivot the camera up/down, left/right or rotate 360 degrees all from his iPhone. Clever I know, apple never ceases to amaze me. So whilst I would be tending to Eddie's needs or cleaning the flat or scratching my backside, Steve would see it all. It even picks up sound so I would be sitting there doing 'motherly' things and then out of the corner of my eye, see the little camera move on its own accord. Knowing Steve was watching me and Eddie which was quite comical and we have fun with it. I would talk to the camera knowing he could hear me. It got a bit annoying because sometimes id do embarrassing things like...well fart...or walk around naked before I got in the bath or what ever & think "oh fudge did he see or hear that." The camera has many uses We go to Devon a lot to visit my family, so we can check in on the flat, no burglars...yet! but would be kind of freaky if we did see someone on the camera. I also went to Devon with out Steve and he had the boys round for poker night. I of course used this opportunity to spy on them whilst sitting in my nan's living room. Trying to catch them out but I moved the camera so they knew I was watching and decided pay me back by moving things around knowing it would annoy the hell out of me and since I was miles away, couldn't do anything about it.
4 iPhones can be linked to the camera. So both me and Steve are linked. My mum keeps asking me to do hers but erm no mother that is so not happening. It has great night vision and picks up great sound so alerts our phones when Eddie is awake although his voice is loud enough. You can even take photos from where you are as Steve did many times.

night vision

The only downside it has is that if your internet  isn't amazing as it works through wireless sometimes it won't work. The area we live in the internet isn't great to be honest so some days it works great but we do get the odd day where it doesn't work. We are moving soon to a better coverage area so this won't be a problem. Another downside is that it is very sensitive so even if Eddie turns over or makes a groan in his sleep the monitor picks this up and sends an alert to our phones. But the good thing is all you need to do is just check on him on the phone.

Steve took this of my bum whilst he was at work !!!
  • Camera rotates and pivots to follow your baby's movements
  • Remotely control the camera with your iOS device 
  • Clear video resolution
  • Two way audio capability
  • Baby's movement or cry activates alerts to you
  • Snapshot feature captures unlimited images 
  • Infrared night vision lets you see with out waking baby
  • Unlimited range, 3G
  • Up to four devices and four users can share control of the camera 
    another pic Steve took whilst at work

    A pic I took whilst I was out
    I love this camera and I know Steve does mainly because he feels he isn't missing out so much whilst he is being the breadwinner of the house hold. 

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